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Grotti Turismo R

Overflod Entity XF

88.25  Acceleration  82.5
133.25  Accel. mod.  127.5
83.17  Max speed  83.17
40  Braking  30
45  Braking mod.  35
80  Handling  83.33
72.855  Average  69.75
85.355  Average mod.  82.25
Seats  2
$500,000   Buying price  $795,000
LSC selling price


Unknown. Please tell me if you know it !
F/F:Front engine, Front-wheels drive
F/R:Front engine, Rear-wheels drive
F/4:Front engine, 4(all)-wheels drive
M/R:Mid engine, Rear-wheels drive
M/4:Mid engine, 4(all)-wheels drive
R/R:Rear engine, Rear-wheels drive
This is NOT a car :)
F/6:Front engine, 6(all)-wheels drive
F/4 (F):Front engine, 4(all)-wheels drive (main axle:front )
F/4 (R):Front engine, 4(all)-wheels drive (main axle:rear )
M/4 (F):Mid engine, 4(all)-wheels drive (main axle:front )
M/4 (R):Mid engine, 4(all)-wheels drive (main axle:rear )

Mod. Acc., Brak., average : Modified characteristics of a vehicle

Buy : means can't buy, 0 means free vehicle
Sell : means can't sell (notice you'll always be able to sell back the vehicles you've bought, but not one you've found in the street)
Mod : whether you can can mod the vehicle at your favorite LSC or not
Garage : whether you can put the vehicle on your garage or not


We'll agree here that a full-custom car (turbo, engine mod, brakes mod, ...) earns +45% in acceleration, and +5% in braking (as seen on online's stats). Stats can climb over 100 %.
These data are true for all vehicles:a sports car can go faster than a plane (the Rapid GT is faster than the Duster) and even than a supercar (the Jester is faster than the Entity). You can sort "General", which gives you the best vehicles for the characteristics you're interested in, mixing all vehicles categories.


I created this webpage because I searched the whole web, but I've never found a benchmark of the GTAV vehicles, based on the official data... I take the time to build this page, giving average characteristics of each vehicle, as well as informations on transmission, number of seats,buying price and selling price.

These are data, not meaning you'll find the "stats-based best" vehicle the real-best for you... Your driving, your ability to manage powerful cars, and most of all the "Driving" level of your online character will affect the performance of the cars.

Remember, I choosed to sort vehicles by their average characteristics. That's not exactly what YOU want, that's what I found the most useful. If you just want the top-speed car, sort the cars by their speed. Forget about the average. If you're looking for a compromise, searching a high-efficiency car, not the best-speed one, then the average will do it.

Legal information

All data and pictures on this website are exclusive property of their respective owners. If any feel harmed, please contact me, I will delete concerned data as soon as possible.
This site is not affiliated with Rockstar Games or Take-Two. It just makes some sorts based on data given on the Rockstar Games Social Club.


Theses statistics have been extracted from these pages oh the Rockstar Social Club:

They are readable in the page's source code, which I've extracted to put in my database.

These are data given by Rockstar. Some are false (by example the Vestra, which data are here modified to fit the reality ingame), but most are real.

To go further...

To discuss about all that stuff, ask some question, or share your own experiments, please go to the following topic, on the GTA Network France forum (sorry, it's only in french).


If you wish to contact me directly, you can send an e-mail to the following address : donki.le.gris, hosted at


I want to thanks all the people who helped me, counciled me, and those who help me day by day to update this page.
Among them, numerous members of the GTANF community : Master Nawak, Touille de l'Est, Tchikiblah, Agony78, Antoine59, DjeLaPlanque, roulbat, Jibs, Black-GTAV, JeyM, Paparazzee, Dharma14, Moosty, Chavez74, Arnaud93, boraburner, MattCaron ... afraid for those I forgot !
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